26 December 2008

my life currently

my source of unlimited inspiration : blue bright sunny sky!
i have tons of new ideas for my upcoming photoshoots!! lol. hope that will work great!:DDD
my bf has just told me to arrange a photosession with the twins!(skaski)

hmm in a confusion:
-EOS 450D or EOS 20D?
-85mm f/1.8 or 50mm f/1.4?

-architecture or architecture interior?

14 December 2008


this one is from my photoshoot at kota :

models : sagita and ratih

annddd, this is from my latest photoshoot..
models : ratih and adeline

13 December 2008

hello again

im so sorry for the lack of updates. im so busy lately. exams; final paper; homeworks; assignments; remedials; photoshoots; and so on..
but the last one is kinda exciting tho.. my last photosession was last wednesday at taman langsat, barito.. the models are : ratih, adeline, sagita, cara. the photographers are : me, bayu, adita, tatyana. (hmm, looks like we can share one model for each photographer aite? but it didnt happen. lol)
im kinda excited with this photoshoot but sadly i've just got few great pics. :( what make it worse is my pc is fuckin broke down. i cant even turn it on. im so fucked up.. shiitttt! i miss dealing with pscs3, editing photossss for the post-processing of the photoshoot, uploading it to deviantart and facebook, reading peoples comments, replying the comments. oh, how i missed those things..


one thing that distract my day is finalpaper. im so faaaarr far away from the word FINISHED. fuck. and the due date is getting really closer. dec 17th. oh, come on! you must be kidding me?! maybe its dec17th 2009? lollss. im workin my ass on chapter 5 now. wish meeeee..

19 October 2008


here are some photos from yesterday photosession:

-rindang- -hana- -janina-

the models!

18 October 2008

last day (oct 19) i had photo session in janina's house with janina, rindang and hana as models. there were also michael.. its superb! they were awesome models. haha. ive got lots of gorgeous pics! love it! haha. thanks again for hana, rindang and janina.. love you girls! just wait for the photo upload in facebook.. haha.

p.s:i'll upload some photo here later!

15 October 2008


gosh, its been so freakin long since my very last post..
im so sucked up these days so i dont have neither time nor topics to write here.
lately, my life was just about school, school and school!!
homeworks, assignments, exams, finalpaper and also TARDIGRAS!

im kinda excited for the last one but not for the rest. its H-30 peoplee! better prepare yourself.. and dont forget to come to the 2nd pre-event of TARDIGRAS; RAPTURE II (Saturday, Oct 18, 2008. 7pm onwards. @Spazio Lounge PIM.) there will be many band performances, and fashion show. im sure you'll enjoy! and there are also TARDIGRAS' merchandise that you can buy on the day that TARDIGRAS will be hold; there are pullover, shirt and bag.. for more info, click here.

for final paper, now im about to work my ass out on chapter4. i still have willingness to do so because i lovee the topic; its about taipei 101's construction. haha.. really an interesting topic to write.

by the way, i just get my report sheet last saturday (oct11) and im kinda satisfied with my score.. yayy!! haha. but still, i have to study harder!! arrghh..

okay i think byebye for now..
i'll post more later..

27 August 2008

august 18, 2008

aaaaahhh im so fckin tired these days.. with all the homeworks, lessons, exams, and final paper.. i want some rest! duh. oya, i havent told you about my latest not-so-long trip. it was so fun!
so, here it goes, me and andra was planning to make a trip, its also as a farewell for my cousins who now already in london. so, there was 9 people there : me, andra, dika, tyo, putri, gia, christo, bayu and billy. we met up at 9 in the morning at wisma semeru, kemang. but there was just 8 of us without my bf. we had so much fun there, we went there to practice muaythai, a kind of thai boxing.. fast forward, we went to pasaraya from kemang on FOOT! hahaha (can you imagine how hungry we are!) at pasaraya bayu joined us, and we had lunch there. after having a-little-too-much lunch, we went to busway station, bought some tickets, and got into transjakarta. later, we arrived at kota and went to fatahillah, we took some cool pictures there. we really had some fun, an undescribeable fun! yea, im not good at writing so yopu might be read this as an uncool trip but believe me, its just so damn great!! but we couldnt be in fatahillah more longer bcs there was a family dinner at gran melia. yea it should be a great story but im kinda not in the mood for writing..